Foss, Kuiken, & Cochran, P.C. (FK&C) is a 31 year old “general practice” law firm located in the heart of Fairfield, Iowa within walking distance of the Jefferson County Courthouse. Founded in 1979, the professional corporation includes Craig Foss, Tim Kuiken, and Sarah Cochran.  The partners believe it is our duty to give back to the community and as such, sit on numerous boards and support many worthy causes. Please select from the menu above to find out more about the firm and the services we provide to clients located in Fairfield, Southeastern Iowa and out of town clients with business dealings in Southeastern Iowa.


Most of our engagements begin with a phone call. Feel free to call our office at 641-472-3129 or select “contact” from the menu above. If you have a specific attorney you’d like to work with, our receptionist will refer you to that attorney’s assistant to schedule an appointment or phone conference. You’ll then be asked to provide a description of what you intend to discuss with the attorney. If you don’t have a specific attorney in mind, you can review our attorneys via the link above, or when you call you may be asked about the subject matter so we can refer you to the attorney who best suits your need. If the attorney is available, he/she may be able to briefly talk to you in advance of an appointment to learn more about your situation and provide you with initial advice or information. Each attorney’s assistant will be able to provide you with information about fee arrangements in advance of your first attorney contact.  Your attorney will ultimately be the person that decides the fee arrangement between you and the firm. Please be advised that FK&C does not provide free initial consultations but is willing to consider deviation from standard fee policies of the firm under special circumstances. When you arrive for your initial appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out a client information form that will remain a confidential document in your client file.


The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2011 has been signed into law, clarifying the income and estate tax rules and rates for the years 2011 and 2012. Much of the income tax portion merely extends for two years the current tax brackets and tax rates, though there are some new items worthy of mention here, also. Examples of Extensions:

  • Income tax brackets and tax rates stay at 2010 levels;
  • Maximum long-term capital gains rate remains at 15%;
  • Alternative Minimum Tax exemptions still are in effect, indexed for inflation;
  • Tax free distributions to charities from retirement plans for those age 70 ½ +;
  • The Act allows such taxpayers to make such gifts in January 2011 and deduct them on their 2010 tax returns;
  • 15-year cost recovery for leasehold improvements, restaurant buildings and certain retail improvements;
  • Tax credits on Ethanol remain for 2011 only.